The new dimension in reliability.

Precisely tuned drive train configurations, spontaneous power development, increased driving stability, improved steering characteristics, and not least, numerous assistance and safety systems – all of which make the driver's task noticeably easier and provide a brand new driving feel.

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Drive technology

Driving pleasure and economic efficiency.

Engines, transmission, axles – all components in the new Actros are perfectly coordinated. For greater economic efficiency and a noticeably improved driving feel.

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Frame, chassis, suspension, steering

Driving characteristics have been revolutionised.

Frame, chassis, suspension and steering – in the new Actros all the elements unite to form a perfect entity: like Swiss clockwork. The result is a totally new driving feel.

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Assistance and safety systems

Feel safe.

More safety – loaded with assistance and safety systems that actively ease the burden on the driver ensuring reliability in the vehicle.

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