Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure.

Mercedes-Benz Preventative Maintenance: The best investment produces savings, rather than costs.

Preventative Maintenance assists to maximise the operating life of components while minimising the chance of unscheduled and costly breakdowns.

Preventative Maintenance Program.

Why wait for components to wear out, risking the chance for major repairs and downtime. For any truck to work at their optimum, components need to be replaced at the right time.



  • Minimises breakdowns and emergency repairs.
  • Reduces unscheduled and costly downtime.
  • Improves efficiency by keeping trucks operating at their optimum.
  • Decreases stress on other parts caused by aging components.
  • Contributes to operator peace of mind.



Upfront Pricing.

Choosing to replace a worn part at the recommended time allows our technicians to promptly provide you with a comprehensive price upfront, ensuring optimum cost transparency.


Cost Advantage.

Not only can you save by avoding potenial costly repairs and downtime, you can save up to a further 15% by choosing to replace and return eligible Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts^.


Quicker Turnaround.

Timely replacement aligned with your existing service maintenance intervals can reduce the number of unscheduled workshop visits, helping keep your valuable time out on the road as you planned.  


Operating Efficiency.

Improves efficiency by keeping trucks operating at their optimum, decreasing stress on other parts caused by ageing components.

^Used parts are taken in part payment, provided that they meet the latest return criteria. Ask your Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealership for full details.

Recommended Replacement Intervals.


Mercedes-Benz Atego operating in shorthaul/ distribution applications.


V6/ V8 Mercedes-Benz Actros single trailer long distance & intrastate applications.

*Recommendations provided are indicative estimates only, and may not reflect actual intervals achieved in service as there are numerous factors that can affect component wear. As such, recommendations are to be used as a guide only. The list of components is not exhaustive and other components will also be required to be replaced throughout the life of the vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle’s Service Booklet for further details. Components that have recommended replacement intervals should be regularly monitored as part of routine maintenance, and ensure ongoing servicing and maintenance work is performed and components replaced when they show wear even if the wear is evident prior to the recommended change out time. Recommendations apply to genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and assume a vehicle is being regularly serviced in accordance with all manufacturers’ recommendations. Please note: changes may have been made. For further information, contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealership.