This was the 2017 Truck-Grand-Prix

Truck-Grand-Prix 2017

A huge get-together in the Eifel region.

RoadStars community in truck-race fever. The Nürburgring was again a meeting place for truckers, friends and family.

What more could a trucker ask for? Drifts on a fascinating race track, great concerts and a cool party: the 2017 Truck-Grand-Prix was a great festival for drivers, their families and friends. Once again thousands of fans came to the Ring.

RoadStars in the thick of things.

The Mercedes-Benz RoadStars truck community was right in the thick of the action at this year's ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix in Germany's Eifel region. The motto this year was "Follow the RoadStars" and many RoadStars with the blue steering wheel took the opportunity to secure themselves a VIP package. The blue steering wheel is awarded to community members who have entered their driving licence data as part of their RoadStars profile. It enabled them and an accompanying person exclusive access to the RoadStars VIP lounge – a super opportunity to enjoy the event with old and new friends alike while profiting from a fantastic view of the race track and enjoying special RoadStars catering. From the lounge, the drivers had direct access to the grandstand and could clink glasses with other RoadStars immediately after the races. And there were plenty of opportunities to do just that. The participants of the Truck Trophy, for example, celebrated a grand reunion where they had a great deal to talk about. The 2017 Truck-Grand-Prix also revealed that the RoadStars family continues to grow. 

Drivers, Pascal, Fabian and Guido, were also on hand so as to allow them to report here on their experiences from the Truck-Grand-Prix.

Party in the cab.

A resounding success in the Mercedes-Benz Trucks area was our activity which put the participants themselves in the spotlight. As part of "Rocking RoadStars", scores of visitors demonstrated their singing and showmanship talents: on the co-driver's seat of an Actros, they were given the chance to party along to their favourite song. Their performance (including sound!) was broadcast on a screen in front of a large audience.

The BossHoss in the driver's paddock.

There were of course also a number of celebrities present at the event: country-rock group The BossHoss visited Mercedes-Benz Trucks again and took up their place in the cab. It goes without saying that they truly rocked it. They partied along to their hit "Dos Bros". The musicians from Berlin are already familiar faces at the event – the partnership between the band and Mercedes-Benz Trucks has existed for a number of years now. Their fans from the trucking scene were given exclusive access, with the band's frontmen Alec and Sascha signing autographs for a whole hour in front of the RoadStars show truck.

RoadEfficiency in focus.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented its complete range of vehicles in the paddock. The focus of this show was RoadEfficiency. Visitors were able to experience at first hand the importance of low overall costs, great safety and a high degree of vehicle use. On the subject of safety, for example, an obstacle course demonstrated the new Sideguard Assist feature which is the first system in a truck to be able to detect pedestrians.

Another focus was on the 25th anniversary of CharterWay. Mercedes-Benz Trucks celebrated the birthday of their mobility service provider for commercial vehicles with a "Green Hour". Rather fittingly, green ice cream and candy floss was available, as well as an anniversary box which contained surprises for visitors and great chances to participate in a range of promotions.

Stay tuned! True to the "Follow the RoadStars!" motto, we followed three RoadStars members at the 2017 Truck-Grand-Prix and will be showing you in the coming days exactly what they experienced at the event.

Photos and video: Kobalt