MAGELLANO: The Actros as a motorhome

Touring truck

Actros camper.

Camper manufacturer MAGELLANO is using the Actros with GigaSpace cab. The Edition 1 shows that the Actros is cut out for camping, too.

The Actros is the perfect tool for long-distance haulage. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks flagship is not only particularly economical. It also offers outstanding poise and assurance at the wheel and boasts a high standard of comfort and safety. These merits have prompted camper manufacturer MAGELLANO to use the Actros as the basis for a vehicle which is set to cause a stir at camping sites in the coming season.

Garage, flat-screen TV, sound system.

The MAGELLANO Edition 1 demonstrates the technical capabilities offered by the Actros. Measuring 10.60 metres in length, 3.99 metres in height and 2.50 metres in width, the 1842 is well able to transport more than just the household effects to your holiday destination. By way of example - there is a garage at the rear of the body. Apart from the 310 kW OM 471 there is also an additional diesel generator on board. The fresh water tank holds 750 litres. And should the evening game of cards no longer suffice for relaxation purposes, there are also two televisions on board. It almost goes without saying that a sound system, satellite system and internet access are also along for the ride.

More living space as and when you need it.

Once the Actros has reached its pitch, the body can be further enlarged. Two extendable bays conjure up additional living space. Should rainy weather on holiday ever make life under the awning a touch uncomfortable, you and your camping friends can gather around the table inside: when bay 1 is extended, the corner seating area is transformed into a spacious lounge for up to eight people. And should anyone get wet, there's no need for them to feel the cold:underfloor heating, electric heater boosters and air conditioning are available in every room. The camper's second bay enlarges the sleeping area at the rear of the vehicle, where a 180 x 200 cm double bed is installed. There is a 200 x 150 cm fold-down bed for additional passengers above the cab. And when the table is lowered, the lounge offers an additional berth measuring 140 x 220 cm.

Plenty of space for barbecue treats and beers.

You won't go short of anything when travelling with the Edition 1. The kitchen in particular offers all home comforts and conveniences.The 180-litre refrigerator with 70-litre freezer compartment offers plenty of space for barbecue treats, and beers to wash them down with. The kitchen is also equipped with two gas burners, an oven and a combined grill/microwave. The materials display plenty of taste, too: the worktop is made of marble, while the sink is produced in stainless steel.

Campers living on board the Actros will be happy to forego the on-site sanitary amenities, as the touring truck's bathroom is just that bit more comfortable.Atmospheric ambient lighting conjures up the right atmosphere. And it goes without saying that a shower, washbasin and toilet are all on board.

Kerb weight of 16 tonnes.

A boon on the road: Not only the driver and front passenger sit in cockpit seats in the Edition 1. Two further chair-like seats in the vehicle can be swivelled around to face the windscreen.

Depending on the scope of equipment, the MAGELLANO has a kerb weight of up to 16 tonnes. This leaves a capacity of two tonnes up to the permissible gross vehicle weight. A further 3.5 tonnes can be towed using the trailer coupling. That ought to suffice for a long weekend, at least.