ABA4 saving lives in the city


ABA4 from Mercedes-Benz is the first and only Advanced Emergency Braking system with pedestrian detection.

Detects pedestrians, significantly improving your chances of stopping in time.

We are all aware of Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB) systems - they have been a legal requirement since 2015. And there’s no disputing that AEB systems save lives, as well as the cost and hassle of vehicle damage.

While the AEB technology developed by Mercedes-Benz, Active Brake Assist, continues to be an impressive safety feature, Mercedes-Benz has taken a major step forward with their unique development - ABA4. It detects moving objects smaller than vehicles - most importantly, pedestrians - and reduces your speed via stage-based warnings, to alert you into applying full brakes. When someone steps out from between parked vehicles and into the flow of traffic, for example, it significantly improves your chances of stopping in time. And for a driver, that’s great news.

ABA4 exceeds General Safety Regulations in effect from 2018. So by fitting ABA4, you will be ahead of the game. 

ABA4 is now available through your Mercedes-Benz Dealer as part of a Safety Pack. Including Proximity Control Assist, driver’s airbag and, for rigid vehicles, Roll Control Assist as well as ABA4. Get the pack and save 30% at your Dealer now.

With the enhanced Active Brake Assist 4 – a safety system that provides additional support for the driver where there is a risk of collision, including with pedestrians - we are continuing our pioneering work and doing all that we can to ensure that you arrive safely and efficiently. Not just on the motorway but in urban areas too. 

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