Reloaded: RoadStars has had a fresh lick of paint

New specials. New look.

RoadStars Reloaded.

RoadStars is the ultimate truck community. Drivers and truck fans from all over Europe come here to network with one another. In order to offer users much quicker access and many more extras, the platform is undergoing a major facelift in readiness for its relaunch. Here is a brief initial overview of the details.

Since its beginnings at the 2014 IAA, RoadStars has quickly become the Europe-wide platform for drivers and truck fans alike. Content like photos, videos, current articles, information and comments have been shared thousands of times, all of which goes to show that this is a living community. And it's growing on a daily basis.

That's why RoadStars with its new interface will now put users more consistently in the forefront.

Quick networking with other fans. Intuitive operation. And immediate updates about new information on all things relevant to the kings of the road.

The relaunch has been online since the end of May for our top-class fans to enjoy. Find out more.

"What's new?"

That all sounds very technical. And even the content will be pulling away at full revs.

Besides many updates being made to things like the user interface for reports, biographies, tips, information and insights into and from the world of Mercedes-Benz, the new platform also offers a number of new formats, special offers and insights.
For example, the "What's new?" section: Here, community members can follow posts from their friends in real time, commenting on and liking them, thus also allowing them to quickly and easily get to know other RoadStars.

The RoadStars Inn – or "Can't buy me love".

There are some things money can't buy. One of them is enthusiasm. Not to mention the numerous specials from which bearers of the blue steering wheel can benefit. How do drivers get a blue steering wheel?

We'll tell you more on RoadStars.

We're so excited! Further details on the relaunch – and, of course, the new platform itself are available on RoadStars. Register now.

We wish you happy motoring!

Your RoadStars team