Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles in action!


No task is too challenging for this collection of heavy duty off-road and armoured vehicles.

Watch the video to see a wide range of defence vehicles put through their paces.

For more than 125 years, millions of Mercedes-Benz trucks have operated reliably all over the world but did you know we also have a wide range of logistics and defence vehicles for military applications? 

Today’s armed forces have to carry out a wide range of tasks each with its own challenges. Our custom-fit vehicle concepts can be adapted specifically to meet the needs of all kinds of missions and scenarios. 

All-wheel-drive, high ground clearance, fording ability, tyre pressure regulation devices, differential locks, twistable frames – the list of Mercedes-Benz chassis innovations is impressive! 

These vehicles are famed for their extraordinary robustness, no matter whether heat, dust, or rough roads, heavy loads, or constant use under the most difficult conditions, delivering a convincing performance on every mission.

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