Armoured Axor for valuable cargo transport in Brazil


Security taskforce.

South America's biggest armoured truck for transporting valuable cargo in Brazil: Brazil's market leader for private security, Prosegur, now has seven Axor 2644 8x4 trucks in operation.

All-round armour and well thought-out special equipment: equally new among the Prosegur fleet are 134 specially-prepared vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz 915 E built in Brazil.

At Prosegur in Brazil, they don't just think about XXL solutions, the leading security firm brings them onto the roads too. In collaboration with bodybuilder specialists, Mercedes-Benz has now handed over seven armoured Axor 2644 trucks featuring a plethora of extra equipment.

The trucks don't just have an imposing exterior. They also offer 175 cubic metres of enclosed, secure space when the Axor is coupled with a trailer. Gross vehicle weight rating: 74 tonnes. All of which brings the Prosegur/Mercedes-Benz team to the top of the leadership board in South America.

Around 1000 orders per year.

The field of valuable cargo continues to grow in importance in Brazil. Already over the course of the past few years, Prosegur has handled around 1000 consignments per year with goods of approximately 2.6 billion euros a year being transported. "Due to the increasing demand, we had to expand our fleet as quickly as possible," explains Rubens Carbonari, Regional Director at Prosegur.

Decisive factors in favour of the Axor were its reliability, performance, comfort and excellent Mercedes-Benz Service.

On another level.

Specifically for Prosegur, a second steered axle was also installed. The entire vehicle combination has ten axles. The cab is armoured and equipped with four seats. It corresponds in all criteria to the latest requirements. The semitrailers are also armoured and reinforced.

Additional specialist high-grade trucks in the form of the 134 Mercedes-Benz 915 E trucks were also acquired by Prosegur in parallel to the Axor. The wheelbase was reduced from 4500 mm to 3150 mm. A host of components, notably the AdBlue and fuel tanks, electric, compressed air and fuel lines, as well as the steering column position, were all completely replaced or adapted.

Air con with added safety.

Completely unavoidable in Brazil in the summertime: a climate control system. A new version of the system specifically for special protection vehicles was thus installed. It is equipped for tough operating conditions and doesn't require a roof-mounted structure. This improves the vehicle's centre of gravity and also gives vehicle occupants more headroom. 

Even the chassis frame was brought up to a new safety level. 

The interior equipment is also especially impressive. For example, the on-board safe is fitted with a polyurethane spray system. If someone attempts to break into the safe, polyurethane is injected which hardens completely within 22 seconds and thus prevents the valuable cargo from being removed.