Griffin Freight's perfect 25th birthday present


Over the past 25 years, Griffin Freight has grown from two vans to a fleet of over 50 vehicles.

We talk to Scott Bailey, Griffin Freight's Transport Manager Rigid & Crane Vehicles, to find out more about the Retford based family business and its fleet.

What is your name?

Scott Bailey

What is your job title? Company name?

I’m the Transport Manager (Rigid & Crane Vehicles) for Griffin Freight Services based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. I plan the day to day running of the rigid fleet and look after loads of up to 20 ton.

How long have you worked for Griffin Freight?

I have worked here for 14 years.

Can you tell me more about Griffin Freight?

Griffin Freight is a family business. It was established in 1991 by father and son Tim & Mick Griffin. Over the past 25 years Griffin Freight has grown from two vans to a fleet of over 50 vehicles, including 30 articulated vehicles, nine crane mounted vehicles and a fleet of 14 rigids. We carry a range of loads from pre-cast concrete to dairy equipment and granite, we can carry any load of any size!

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Roughly how many of the 50+ vehicles are Mercedes-Benz?

Around 80% of our fleet are Mercedes-Benz trucks.

How long has Griffin Freight been running Mercedes-Benz trucks?

Approximately 20 years. We have a great relationship with Northside Truck & Van in Doncaster.

Are you a driver? If so how long have you been a driver for?

I started at Griffin Freight as a van driver and worked my way up. I’m mostly office based now, but I drive the trucks around once a month if we are really busy.

Can you tell me about the truck? Make and model? Age?

The particular truck we are talking about is the History Truck. It is a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Are there any special features on the truck?

We wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company being in business with something special so we ordered the biggest engined truck Mercedes-Benz had at the time. SB Components in Wisbech added catwalks, camera kit infills, side skirts and arranged to get the truck pained for us. Truckmax fitted the big stack exhausts.

What was the inspiration for the livery?

We wanted a livery that celebrated our 25 years in business so the airbrushing features trucks and vans previously owned by the company including a previous Truckfest winner.

How has the livery evolved over the years?

Our livery has been red and white from the start, and we stuck with these colours for the History Truck.

Have you always been into trucks?

I had been to a couple of truck shows in the past, but I got into trucks when I started working at Griffin Freight. It’s hard not to when you are working with them every day.

Can you tell me more about the driver of the History Truck?

The History Truck was built for and is driven solely by Glenn Douglas. He has worked for the company for many years and is really passionate about trucks.  He has won lots of prizes at truck shows over the years. Glenn had an influence on the design of the History Truck – it features some of his previous trucks and Truckfest prize winners and it is Glenn who drives the truck day in day out and takes care of it. He is here most weekends and even over Christmas stripping it down and cleaning it. The truck is always pristine.

Do you have any plans to show the truck this year? If so where and when?

The History Truck made its debut at Truckfest Newark in July. Glenn and his wife Caroline are taking the truck to Truckfest Knutsford on the 16-17 September and Truxx Factor at Rockingham on the 30 September – 1 October

Next year they are planning to attend 23 truck shows!

What is your favourite feature of your truck?

I love the candy apple red colour of the chassis and grilles.

Have you got any interesting stories you can share about the trucks?

We do a lot of work for a company that makes barriers that are used for motorsport events and central reservations on motorways. We delivered the barriers for the Formula E race in Battersea Park London and also for the Race of Champions event at the Olympic Stadium which were both great events.

How do people react when they see the History Truck?

It’s a head turner; people really seem to like it. We wanted the truck to look classy and not too over the top, and I think we achieved that.

Images kindly provided by:

Griffin Freight

Rob Ferrol

Caroline Douglas

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