Tarmac drivers hail Econic king of the road


Econic transforms the experience of driving though London.

Tarmac’s Kings Cross depot handles around 150 truck movements a day, with drivers having to negotiate busy London traffic and vulnerable road users. The company has turned to the Mercedes-Benz eight-wheeled Econic to lessen the load of tough urban driving. Watch the video to find out what they have to say…

An easy drive.

The Econic boasts a host of bespoke features which enhance visibility, prioritise the safety of road users and make the driver’s journey smarter, safer and smoother.

Paul Banu, contracted haulier for Tarmac, says the Econic has transformed the experience of driving though London: “I can say it’s really enjoyable to drive the Econic. It’s less stressful and at the end of the day you don’t really realise you’ve had a hard day.”

In your sights.

Paul says: “The first time I drove it was really eye-opening because you can see just how much they have improved the visibility in the busy and congested streets we have in London.”

A big plus for Tarmac drivers is the Econic’s improved visibility. Thanks to the low-entry cab, everything at street level is easier to see. The driver’s seat is much lower than in most trucks, meaning it is easier to make eye contact with other road users.

The truck features a wrap-around windscreen with a panoramic view of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. That view is further improved by the Econic’s camera system, fully-glazed folding passenger door and a range of mirrors.

Top performer.

Econic’s first-class features aren’t restricted to visibility. The truck is a high-performer packed with driver aids to tackle anything from crowded city centres to customer depots.

It has the flexibility to adapt to different driving conditions. “Once you get to a delivery site you can lift the cab up and drive it off-road”, says Paul. “After you finish you can just lower it down to the driving position and you have normal visibility.”

Comfy ride.

The Econic has also been developed with the needs of the driver in mind, making the day job safer and more comfortable. The low-entry cab has just two steps, reducing the effort of access, whilst limiting the chances of slipping and falling.

The comfort factor is also boosted by air suspension, with a lifting and lowering function on all axles relieving pressure on a driver’s back and joints.

Pick of the pack.

Tarmac has a fleet of 20 Econics operating from its Kings Cross yard and plans to add more over the next 12 months.  Given its impressive features, it’s little wonder it has proved the truck of choice for urban drivers.

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