Fuel-efficient Arocs with custom artwork delivers 1-2 combination


A winning design.

Doyle Plant & Construction’s latest Mercedes-Benz Arocs is not just any contender – driver Dave Coombes reckons that with striking Rocky Balboa artwork adorning the cab, his new eight-wheeler is a knockout!

Driver Dave Coombes chose the Sylvester Stallone blockbuster as the theme for the muscular tipper’s graphics, and employer Charlie Doyle was happy to roll with his idea.

“We like our vehicles to look smart and have a high profile, so they double as mobile advertisements for the business,” said Charlie. “As he’s been with us for more than 10 years, we invited Dave to suggest a design for his next truck.

“I wasn’t surprised by his choice, because he’s a big Rocky fan. But I agreed the movie would be an excellent subject and we’re both delighted with the result. The livery has already drawn a huge number of positive comments from other drivers and from members of the public who have phoned the office to tell us they’ve seen the truck out on the road.”

Doyle Plant & Construction.

Windsor-based Doyle Plant & Construction provides bulk excavation and groundworks services for customers across the South East, as well as supplying a wide range of materials, including sand, aggregates and ballast.  

The 8x4 Arocs 3240 is one of two supplied to the company by the Heathrow branch of Mercedes-Benz Dealer Group Rygor Commercials. It was painted and lacquered by Tor Trucks, of Somerton, Somerset, with renowned truck artist Matt Paint applying the striking airbrushed images.

Fuel-efficient design.

Powered by 10.7-litre straight-six engines generating 290 kW (394 hp), which drive through smooth and efficient PowerShift 3 automated transmissions, both trucks are fitted with steel Thompsons tipping bodies and Palfinger cranes. The second is in Doyle’s standard colours.

The company runs three tractor units and eight 32-tonne rigids, a combination of tippers and tipper-grabs, which it maintains in-house. It has operated vehicles by various manufacturers but an Arocs eight-wheeler supplied by Rygor Commercials in 2014 made a real impact.

“It can be difficult in our line of work to compare fuel figures between trucks because of the big variations in the jobs they’re doing from one day to the next,” said Charlie. “You certainly get a feel for it, though, and that truck was noticeably better than anything else on the fleet in terms of both diesel and AdBlue consumption. In fact, you might say the others couldn’t lay a glove on it!”

Because of this increased efficiency, Charlie did a part-exchange with the original Arocs and a Swedish-built eight-wheeler for the two new vehicles, one of which was repainted with the Rocky Balboa artwork. 

Gavin Duffy, sales executive at Rygor, said “The rugged Arocs is purpose-designed for the construction sector, and certainly packs a big punch.”

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