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With on-track action, demonstrations and challenges, there was lots going on at RoadEfficiency Live 2018. The event was held over five days at Millbrook Proving Ground where event attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the three pillars of RoadEfficiency and experience them for themselves.

Greater safety.

Attendees at the event had the chance to experience the power of Active Brake Assist 4, both in virtual reality and out on the track.

In the virtual reality experience, they saw an Active Brake Assist 4 demonstration from an in-cab and pedestrian perspective. During this session, attendees were also taken through the development timeline of Active Brake Assist 4 from Active Brake Assist 1, highlighting how Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of developments in safety.

Out on the track, event-goers experienced Active Brake Assist 4 first hand with the system braking the truck to avoid a vehicle that was stopped on the track. In addition, they were shown how Proximity Control Assist works to not only reduce traffic accidents, but to save fuel and reduce the impact of long-haul transport on a driver’s concentration.

Low total costs.

Attendees at the event were pitted against each other in the Fuel Challenge. The aim of the challenge was to drive an Actros as fuel efficiently as possible around the alpine route at Millbrook with a prize for the most efficient driver of the day.

By getting to try out an Actros model out on one of the most difficult Millbrook routes, attendees could really put the fuel efficiency of a Mercedes-Benz Euro VI engine to the test, with excellent results.

Maximised use.

The classroom session of the day included information on the roadmap to 2030, focusing on the future of electric vehicles.  There was also a presentation on Uptime, the revolutionary telediagnosis system designed to keep vehicles on the road.

Summing up the day, Mike Belk, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, said, “We are investing around €2.5 billion each year just in the truck business to make sure that the products and technology that we bring to market meet the challenges of the future and put us in a leading position.”  

To see all of the events from the day, watch our 2018 highlights reel.

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