At the truck wash with Janine Frisch

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Rather “Buck” than a building society account.

Janine Frisch transports airfreight containers with her Actros for My Logistics at Frankfurt Airport. We meet her at the end of her shift at one of the largest truck wash facilities in Germany.

Janine Frisch sizes things up. Her eyes flick back and forth between the exterior mirror and the entrance to the large building in front of her. A slight turn of the wheel, a gentle touch of the accelerator, and her Actros 1844 with its trailer is in the middle of lane number 3. “That's right,” says 32-year-old Janine. “Now it'll get cleaned of today's dirt at last.” The first members of staff hurry to work with their high-pressure hoses to free truck and trailer of salt and dirt.

Janine has been driving for the Hessian company My Logistics for six months now. The company was founded in 1987 by its manager Mehmet Ali Yilmaz. The son of Turkish diplomats started with only one Sprinter. Today, the services provided by My Logistics include airfreight, substitute transportation for airfreight, heavy goods, long loads, exceptional freight services, hazardous materials and special trips. The fleet comprises more than 25 vehicles.

The company, with a staff of 50, also has its own truck wash facility on the Mönchhof premises next to Frankfurt Airport. “I was discovered, so to speak, here at 'my Truckwash',” says Janine jokingly. In her leisure time she likes to ride a motorbike instead of sitting in a driver's cab. “My Logistics was looking for someone to do driving work at the airport. I just happened to be at the truck wash and I got talking to some of the lads. One thing led to another.”

20,000 truck washes per year.

my Truckwash is a special service provided by the logistics company. The three-brush, automatically controlled wash facility is for vehicles up to 4.20 metres high and up to 2.90 metres wide. That means it can take not only trucks but also coaches and buses, tractors and heavy construction vehicles. Even the airport mobile gangways are cleaned here. The facility has four lanes and is one of the largest in the state of Hessen.

One lane is especially reserved for mobile homes. There are only three facilities like this in the whole of Germany. Up to 80 trucks are cleaned each day at my Truckwash. That makes about 20,000 truck washes a year. And the environmentally friendly facility uses no more than 9,000 litres of cleaning detergent.

“I just had to cash in my building society account and get my truck driver's licence!”

– Janine Frisch, driver for My Logistics

Wash TV in the waiting room.

While the staff of my Truckwash are dealing with Janine's Actros, she can enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the waiting area. Janine, whose hobby is skiing, can watch the cameras to see her “buck”, as she calls it, getting clean. She describes her own path to the driver's cab like this: “A friend of mine took me with him on his night driving shift. That was the first time I realised just how big a truck is. When I saw how he manoeuvred his trailer up to a ramp, quick and easy as pie, I knew for sure: I had to cash in my building society account and get my truck driver's licence!” Ever since then, Janine has enjoyed every minute in the cab: “What I like about my job as a driver is the freedom and the new challenges every day. You're always meeting new people and cultures.”

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Photos: Alex Kraus