‘Truckers Who Run’ – Lee Gibson inspires truckers to get in shape


Truckers helping each other stay healthy.

‘Truckers Who Run’ is an online group for truckers who want to exercise and improve their overall health. Truck trainer Lee Gibson understands the pressures that drivers face on the road and how hard it is to stay healthy. So he decided to do something about it, for himself and his fellow truckers.

For the active trucker.

Lee Gibson was a trucker for 18 years before becoming a driver trainer at Suttons Tankers, Stockton-on-Tees. He’d always been active, taking part in football, boxing and running but a couple of years ago, he had to take an extended break from exercise due to injuries.

During this time Lee gained weight and felt generally unhealthy so decided to do something about it. In June 2015, he started a Facebook group named ‘Truckers Who Run’, hoping to attract the attention of like-minded truckers who were also keen to get in shape. Originally he hoped for 15 members - he now has nearly 2,500!

He’s even taken his exercise regime to the next level and become a fitness trainer, running boot camp classes three times a week.

You can join 'Truckers Who Run' here.

“We help each other; we give advice on fitness, food, nutrition and how to get into exercise in the first place.”

 - Lee Gibson

Truckers after completing the English Half Marathon, Warrington.
Truckers after completing the English Half Marathon, Warrington.
Truckers after the Southend Half Marathon.
Truckers after the Southend Half Marathon.

The challenges of staying fit on the road.

After many years as a trucker, Lee understands the pressures of the job. Long hours, lots of sitting, broken sleep and grabbing food on-the-go make it difficult to stay fit and healthy on the road. Lee was concerned for not only the fitness and energy levels of his fellow drivers but also their health. “Illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure are all risks.”

Although Lee’s initial focus was running, his group quickly evolved and now provides tips on all manner of exercise including running, swimming, cycling, hiking and weight training as well as nutrition and general support.

“I’ve had messages from truckers saying Lee, you’ve changed my life.”

- Lee Gibson

Changing lifestyles and lives.

Lee has received an overwhelming level of positive feedback from his members, with many claiming it has changed their lives, which instils a great sense of pride and motivates him to do more, “I feel like I’m setting an example,” he says.

The online posts also encourage other drivers to get involved and try something new, even though it may be challenging after a long, tiring shift.

“It’s not easy at all, but you just have to put the effort in and have that mindset where you’re like, right I’m doing it tonight.”

Lee’s tips for better health and fitness.

  • Start nice and easy such as a fast walk and then build it up to more challenging exercises.
  • Diet is important. Try to avoid convenience food and prep your meals at home so you can ensure a balanced diet.
  • Remember fad diets/fitness programmes don’t last. Focus on a gradual lifestyle change to be successful.

Push yourself to do more.

As well as lots of hiking, weight training and fitness classes, Lee’s exercise ambitions keep on growing – he’s entered the legendary SAS style endurance challenge in Wales for a second year running.

“I like to push myself, push my limits.”

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