Don’t miss the new video series, Truckumentaries – coming soon


The pilot of the highly anticipated driver series ‘Truckumentaries’ is set to launch next week.

Are you ready for ‘Truckumentaries’? Next week we launch the pilot episode of our exciting documentary featuring real-life truckers discussing their industry.

About drivers and for drivers.

The UK trucking industry has changed over time and we want to know what matters to drivers today. So, we’re introducing a documentary series dedicated to shedding light on key challenges whilst highlighting the importance of the sector.

We plan to cover a variety of topics, ranging from driver retention to transforming perceptions of drivers and asking the all-important question: what does the future hold for truckers?

There will also be episodes focusing on particular vehicles and their special uses, such as the unique Unimog.

Why should YOU watch?

As a truck driver, you’re no doubt affected by the issues which will be explored in this series; now is your chance to find out what other drivers think and how they believe the sector needs to change.

You can also check out Mercedes-Benz vehicles up close, such as the beautiful Actros1.

Real drivers. Real views. Real life.

The pilot episode features real drivers and transport managers from three companies: Chiltern Cold Storage, KRP Trucking and Lombard Express.

The individuals discuss the topic of driver retention, sharing their experiences and offering advice for those who might be interested in becoming drivers.

“The industry doesn’t receive the recognition or help it deserves, we want to change that.”

– Ben Ben Grayson, Marketing Manager MBTUK

Supporting the future of trucking.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has always supported drivers and cares about issues on the road. By producing this documentary series, we hope to propel the industry into the mainstream, so the general public can learn more about it and appreciate the work drivers do.

Ben Grayson, Marketing Manager MBTUK, discusses this further, “We want to shine a light on the exceptional everyday people who work hard to keep the UK going – give them a voice and examine the challenges they face. The industry doesn’t receive the recognition or help it deserves, we want to change that.”

Don’t miss the launch!

The ‘Truckumentaries’ pilot episode will be launching on RoadStars on Tuesday 16th July 2019 – put it in your diary now!

Get involved.

Would you like to be involved in future ‘Truckmentaries’ episodes? Or maybe you have some great ideas for driver topics and themes? We’d love to hear from you – comment below.

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