Short hood, long journey: Robby and Stefan live in an LA 911


Their bags are packed.

Roberta and Stefan no longer need a house. They’ve been on the road in an LA 911 for three years.

Owning a house in which you hardly spend any time during the week? Working on it during your precious free time? Roberta “Robby” and Stefan Braunersreuther from Taufkirchen near Munich had had enough of this. They wanted to see the world.

The couple sold their property and hit the road in May 2016 in a 1966 short-hood truck. Since then, the two of them have constantly been on tour, visiting Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. “We’re not backpackers, and prefer to have a home and our own bed,” says Robby, explaining their reason for choosing a camper van.

Photos: Roberta and Stefan Braunersreuther