Marcel Tietz loves a change of scenery

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The removal guy.

Be it for large companies, small families or even millionaires – with his Actros 1843, Marcel Tietz can master any type of removal job.

Being on the move was something Marcel has been familiar with since childhood: “My Dad was a sailor,” explains the 41-year-old. But his own path initially led him to an apprenticeship as an electrician. As he couldn't find permanent employment thereafter, he got an offer from the Krügel Umzugslogistik removals firm founded in 1897 where he got the lucky offer to work as a driver. It was an especially good offer for someone who has a soft spot for furniture, as he explains with a grin.

With his Actros 1843, Marcel Tietz is on the road throughout Europe. Often, the moves he carries out also take place within Hamburg itself, too.

A sporty duo.

Another plus point of his job: he's often on the road with a colleague with whom he gets on really well. “There's always some really nice banter between the two of us,” Marcel tells us. Between once and twice a week, they carry out long-distance removal jobs to France or Germany. “As we then have to sleep in the cab, it's great that we're both on the same wavelength.”

And it's also particularly important for both of them that the cab remains clean and tidy – “Books are always in the same place” – and if there's time, they both wash the truck together. The pair also ensure they eat healthily. For Marcel that means preparing meatballs at home on a Sunday night while his wife makes him some sandwiches. And to go with that, there's always a good supply of veg in his lunchbox. “Sometimes I also take my running shoes with me in the truck. Plus I play football and regularly do weight training.”

Marcel Tietz.

Always something different.

Marcel finds his interactions with customers especially fun. “They're always good for a surprise. For some people, the anxiety puts them a bit on edge, whereas others are just totally stressed.” And as an added extra, Marcel and his colleagues also get to see many different places which are rarely accessible to tourists. “It's wonderful to discover new locations,” he says. “The castles in France are truly amazing.” 

One journey which remains vivid in his memory, for example, was the day before the Swiss national public holiday: “There was a great firework show and the doors of the government building in Bern were opened up to the public. We had quite a touristy day that day.”

Also in operation on home turf.

At home, his partner, their eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son look forward to his return. “Of course, my lad is amazed by the job,” explains the proud father delightedly. And especially so when he gets to join Daddy on the occasional trip.

But Marcel's work back home don't just stop at being a family man: he's also a volunteer fireman at the Winsen an der Luhe (near Hamburg) fire station and gets called upon as many as 30 times a year in addition to practising with the crew there twice a month. “I'm the machine operator and handle the pump and lights in the case of a fire.” And, of course, he also gets to drive the fire engine.

Photos: Christoph Börries


Zonder woorden en super verhaal van iemand die verhuizer is in hart en ziel . Proficiat
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Dur métier que celui de déménageur..
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Respekt -- schön, wenn jemand Freude an diesem nicht ganz leichten Job findet, denn solche starken Jungs braucht man Allerorten 👍 Wenn das "Arbeitsgerät" dann noch entsprechend ist, gehts durchaus leichter von der Hand 😊
Habe selbst Anfang der 80er meine ersten Erfahrungen (~ 2 Jahre) mit nat./int. Möbeltransporten als Beginn meiner "Fahrerkarriere" aktiv bestritten,dabei auch viel gelernt u. gesehen, jedoch möcht ichs heute nicht mehr machen "müssen".

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Goede reis en veel plezier in je werk !!👍👍
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Ich sehe schon viel Spaß bei der Arbeit und auch beim Fahren 😀👍mit dem Mercedes macht es dir bestimmt viel Spaß sieht super aus 😀🙋♂️
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