Wout de Wit drives skips in northern Holland


Dream car.

Wout de Wit’s love of trucks is in his DNA. He has had his truck driving licence for five years and has recently been driving an Antos 2133 with portal arm system.

Wout de Wit was already enthusiastic about trucks as a young boy. His father transported skips. “Now and then, I went along with him and knew that I wanted to drive a truck like that with portal arm system when I was older,” says the 24-year-old.

With his father’s support, the then 17-year-old got a job at Gouwenberg Containerservice and started off as a real jack of all trades. Be it sorting rubble or painting skips, Wout pitched in.

The first Mercedes-Benz truck in the fleet.

Once he had his class C driving licence in the bag, Wout could finally do what he really wanted to do. “I especially enjoy the contact to customers. And you get around a lot.”

There was a big surprise for Wout on his fifth anniversary. He was given an Antos 2133 with portal arm system as his permanent vehicle – the very first Mercedes-Benz truck in the Gouwenberg Containerservice fleet.

“I first had to get used to such a new truck. It’s super to drive. I have a good field of vision because of the sitting position and the large windows. In cramped city centres, this is very practical.”

On the road in northern Holland.

Wout drives criss-cross throughout North Holland in his Antos and its trailer, from Amsterdam to Den Helder. Per tour, he drops up to 15 empty skips off at his customers’ and can generally take three full ones with him again. The Hyva skiploader is indispensable here. “I operate the skiploader by remote control. This way, I can stand next to the truck, see what’s going on better and avoid accidents.”

Wout is just as happy about his new truck as he is about the coming years he will spend behind the wheel: “We’re definitely going to cover a lot of kilometres together.”

Photos: MCR