Island transport: on the way to Majorca with Frank Fenselau


Actros among the palms.

Frank Fenselau takes his truck to places where others go on holiday – to Majorca.

Depending on the weather, the Barcelona ferry arrives in the harbour of Palma de Mallorca between 7.30 and 8 a.m. Frank Fenselau is on board with his Actros 1848 articulated truck along with some secret cargo. But he can tell us this much: it involves items for the interior design of a German celebrity who is looking to spruce up their estate on the island. Frank doesn’t have much time – he has to deliver to the site straight away.

Favourite spot: an evening stroll to the lighthouse on Cap Blanc is a permanent fixture of Frank’s Majorca visits.

Familiar terrain.

The 47-year-old knows his way around the island. Although he primarily drives loads for his employer – Schumacher haulage company based in Aachen – to Italy and Switzerland, he still sometimes is sent to Majorca. In these cases, Frank is transporting motorcycles, cars or speedboats for well-to-do holidaymakers. But it could just as easily be German beer to be delivered to the “Ballermann” party district, where it will be consumed by the all-inclusive tourists with shocking speed. “Someone told me one time that, during a football game, patrons of the Bierkönig bar, located in Schinkenstrasse at Playa de Palma, throw back 900 litres of beer per hour.”

On the way back to Germany, Frank may take with him furniture, moving goods or agricultural products. “I’ve also had my refrigerated trailer filled with oranges!”

This driver thinks the island is fantastic: “Beautiful nature, nice people – and there’s always something going on.” He usually overnights at a car park on the outskirts of S’Arenal. It’s not too far from the beach, and there’s a good steakhouse. In the evening, he takes a stroll to the lighthouse on Cap Blanc. “I really enjoy that.” 

A trailer with a message: the C and the A at the end of the word “MALLORCA” are reversed and set off in a different colour. So, in one direction, you can read the name of the island, and the AC for Aachen, the home of Schumacher trucks, in the other.

Individual truck assignment.

Frank could probably even drive Majorca loads exclusively, since the Schumacher haulage company sends trucks to the Balearic island several times a week. The company’s subsidiary Mallorca Logispeed S.L. specialises in transport logistics to and from Majorca, and keeps the Schumacher trucks well stocked along the route. To take part in this transport schedule, however, Frank would have to occasionally drive other trucks and share “his” Actros and the trailer with his colleagues. “I can’t imagine that at all. Some might say that I’m picky when it comes to my truck. The cab is like my flat and set up just for me – and I’m not going to share it with someone who may not take care of it. I don’t live in a shared flat at home, either!”

Frank’s boss grants him this wish. He knows how much a good and reliable driver is worth, but this why Frank is only seldom able to drive to Majorca. Transport hauls to Italy and Switzerland fit better for the company to factor in Frank’s wishes. So no big deal if the truck just sits around on Saturdays.

Regardless of where he’s headed, Frank always has a piece of the island with him: the side of the trailer is emblazoned with the company logo and the conspicuous “MALLORCA” lettering.

Photos: Matthias Aletsee
Video: Martin Schneider-Lau