Holger Hahn restored his 1633 S with real commitment

Classic vehicle

A long journey for the classic long-distance haulage truck.

When Holger Hahn bought his second-hand 1633, he more or less knew how much work lay ahead. But there were two things he had no idea would happen: he met the truck’s first driver and got a brand new engine for it.

The model series.

At the end of the 1970s, the NG model series was given a facelift. Amongst other things it was given engines with and without charge air cooling (OM 422 LA and OM 422 A). And a new name: NG 80. The large, spacious cab was included in the range as the fourth cab variant and with its raised roof and a clothes rack it offered occupants true long-distance comfort. This cab was wider than the others and on the driver’s side to the rear left as well as at the back of the cab had no windows as standard.

The vehicle.

Finally Holger Hahn had discovered the dream of every NG 80 fan: a 1633 with a large cab. “I only know of three other NG 80 with this cab variant,” says Hahn to emphasise just how rare his towing vehicle is. Once he’d collected the truck, he put all his energy into its restoration and at the same time carefully researched the history of the 1633. “By happy coincidence, I was able to contact the first driver and thus find out a lot about the truck.“

Photos: Jan Potente/privat
Video: Jan Potente