A tanker with a history: Michael Kaumeyer's LK 1924

Classic vehicles

A legend from Liechtenstein.

Michael Kaumeyer's LK 1924 was only driven by a single driver over the course of three decades. So typical – after all, anyone who had one of these short-bonnet trucks wanted to keep hold of it!

Michael Kaumeyer was actually looking for a tipper truck for his company. Then he found this classic.

The model series.

From 1967, Mercedes-Benz took payloads one step further. The heavy-duty 1923 and 1924 short-bonnet trucks with their 19-tonne gross weight became true bedrocks for export. The platform variant could handle an impressive 11.5-tonne payload. And it was only in the mid-1990s that the last 1924 rolled off the production line in Wörth. Of the platform variant alone, an impressive 75,000 vehicles were sold. The truck's high payload capacity was predominantly thanks to its axles which offered an impressive load-bearing capacity. It's difficult to imagine just how many tonnes were transported worldwide on the backs of vehicles from this model series. A good part of the success story can also be attributed to the robust six-cylinder OM 355 engine which, over the decades, became famous as the "Africa engine".