Did you know …? – Activity index

Did you know …?

Activity index.

Reach for the stars and become an ActivityStar on RoadStars!

With the new RoadStars stars system, we give you merits for your activity on RoadStars. Performing different actions on the platform gains you points for your ActivityStars. The more active you use the platform, the more points you earn. Whether you upload pictures, complete your profile or post comments, your activities will earn you points towards your ActivityStars. In total, you can achieve a maximum of five stars. Your ActivityStars are visible in your profile.

Other users can of course also accumulate RoadStars ActivityStars and thus increase their activity ranking. If you're curious as to how the activity index of your RoadStars friends looks, or just want to get a general impression of the activity levels of other RoadStars users, simply visit the profile page of the user, where you will be able to see their activity index.

New features added in the future will automatically be taken into account in your ActivityStars rating. Every now and again, the most active users will receive top prizes.

We at RoadStars hope you have fun and look forward to seeing a huge number of ActivityStars.