Did you know …? – Friends on RoadStars

Did you know …?

Friends on RoadStars.

Once you have registered, you can use all the features available in your Social Network Box, which is located in your profile. Create your personal friends list or contact your friends quickly and easily using the Chat Box.

Do you want to search for a particular RoadStars member or look for friends? If so, look them up using the USER SEARCH in the Social Network Box underneath your personal profile. Enter the public name or the forename and/or surname to show all registered RoadStars. If your search was successful, simply look at the profile.

To build your friends list, send a request using the ADD AS FRIEND button next to the user profile. There, you can add a personal message to your friend request to other RoadStars. To do this, enter the desired text in the text box and go to ADD AS FRIEND. Once your request has been confirmed, your friends will appear in your friends list and you can talk to them at any time using the Chat Box. Incoming and outgoing requests can be found in the inbox and outbox of your Social Media Box and can be selected and edited with a click of your mouse. The Community area also contains the RoadStars members icon, which shows five random RoadStars. You can refresh the list using the Refresh button at the top right in order to see more RoadStars. Clicking the display name will take you to the profile of the respective RoadStar, where you can add him or her as a friend.

After confirmation of your requests, your personal photo album will also be available to friends and you can share your memorable experiences and photos with your RoadStars friends.

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