Did you know …? – Bulletin board

Did you know …?

Bulletin board.

You would like to share information with other RoadStars, publish photos or post your own experiences?

In the Community area, you will now find the new RoadStars bulletin boards. Via individual, topic-related bulletin boards, you can post photos and status messages that are important to you and that you would like to share with other RoadStars.

Whether you are on the road or at home, you can use the bulletin boards to let other RoadStars share in your life. You are on the road in your truck and have a tip for a good motorway service area/restaurant or you would like to present your personal truck to other RoadStars? No limits are set regarding your posts – as you can also upload fitting photo material at any time. Simply enter your post directly in the message field in the top area of the respective bulletin board.

Once you have completed your post, you will find it located in chronological order under the latest posts. You can also comment on the posts of other RoadStars at any time. Simply use the "Kommentar posten" (Post comment) function for this purpose. Your comment will then appear under the post together with the date and time.

Make direct contact with other RoadStars and view the profile of another user. Once you select "USER PROFIL ANZEIGEN" (DISPLAY USER PROFILE), you will be immediately redirected to the user profile and you can make a friend.

You really like a post? Then why not share your enthusiasm with the other RoadStars by clicking on the LIKE button, which – of course – is in the form of the RoadStar truck horn!
You would like to delete older posts from the bulletin board? Then click the "Recycle bin" icon at the top right of your post, followed by "BEITRAG LÖSCHEN" (DELETE POST). Please bear in mind though that your post, including all the comments and likes of the other RoadStars, will then be deleted.

Be active on the bulletin board and let the other RoadStars know what is important to you!

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