Did you know …? – Profile settings

Did you know …?

Profile settings.

Personalise your settings and decide for yourself which RoadStars notifications you wish to receive.

Log in. Click on your name or on "My area" to access your profile. Once there, click on "Edit profile".

  • Under "RoadStars profile" you can change and adjust your basic data at any time.
  • Under "Personal details" you can enter your truck driver's licence number and address in order to secure yourself the blue steering wheel. Owners of the blue steering wheel are rewarded with exclusive content and special offers. You can find more information on the blue steering wheel here.
  • Under the "Settings" tab, you can now set the language in which you wish to receive all future notifications. What's more, by selecting the language, you also determine the flag which appears on RoadStars next to your name.
  • Under "Notifications", you decide when and how you wish to stay informed. One of your friends recommends a specific RoadStars article to you or comments on one of your posts and you want to react straight away? Then set the appropriate tick in the check-box and press on "Save".

Personalise your profile and adapt your settings to your personal desires!

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