RoadStars FAQ

RoadStars FAQ

Everything you need to know about RoadStars!

The new, interactive communication platform RoadStars by Mercedes-Benz Trucks invites all truck interested people to participate and enjoy exclusive member promotions, social media functions and information about trucks.

First steps on RoadStars.

Would you always like to be kept up-to-date about the latest, most exciting Mercedes-Benz Trucks topics? Then why not make the most of the free registration for the RoadStars Portal where you can experience a good deal of exciting and entertaining activities first-hand. Create your own profile, upload photos to your own photo album and use all of our social features. There's even some exclusive material available for registered users after registration.

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The RoadStars Driver.

Have you already noticed the blue truck steering wheel on some profiles? Those are “RoadStars Drivers” who have already registered for this new status.

Together with you, we want to keep on strengthening your love of trucks and our range of offers. This will ensure it's easier for you to benefit from our exclusive content and competitions.

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Personal dashboard.

As a registered user, why not take a look at your new personal dashboard? It allows you to personalise RoadStars to represent your own interests more closely.

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Subscribe to Newsletter.

Sign up for our News Service and always stay up to date on current and exciting topics related to Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

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Social Login.

Use our new feature and your Facebook account to register with RoadStars quickly and easily. The advantages are obvious, for with your existing Facebook profile you can become a member of the RoadStars community even faster.

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Stay logged in.

Save time by staying logged in as a RoadStar! As a RoadStars user, by using our new function, you will only have to log in once to RoadStars with your access data.

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Profile settings.

The RoadStars portal is becoming even more personal! Customise your settings and decide yourself which RoadStars notifications you want to receive.

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Friends on RoadStars.

Once you have registered, you can use all the features available in your Social Network Box, which is located in your profile. Create your personal friends list or contact your friends quickly and easily using the Chat Box.

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Is there an article you like or an event with which you were particularly pleased? Then why not be one of the first people to add your very own personal touch to an article by leaving a comment.

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Like button.

Get involved in shaping the RoadStars platform and give your own personal recommendation for specific content.

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Photo album.

Design your own personal photo album by uploading your favourite personal pictures to your photo album, and share it with your friends.

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Bulletin board.

In the Community area, you will now find the new RoadStars bulletin boards. Via individual, topic-related bulletin boards, you can post photos and status messages that are important to you and that you would like to share with other RoadStars.

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Activity index.

With the new RoadStars stars system, we give you merits for your activity on RoadStars. Performing different actions on the platform gains you points for your ActivityStars. The more active you use the platform, the more points you earn.

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The search.

RoadStars offers you endless information in a number of different areas such as Community, Events, Magazine, Products and Media. Just use the Search function and go exploring with RoadStars!

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Market switcher.

The new RoadStars market switcher makes it possible for you to quickly and easily switch between the available markets. Whether German, Dutch or Belgian – you decide the market you are interested in with your selection.

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RoadStars is now also “responsive”.

Regardless of whether at home on your PC, on the go via your smartphone or relaxing on your sofa with a tablet – RoadStars is now “responsive” and adjusts all elements and content to your end device thanks to the optimal display.

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Your Postbox.

You'd like to send a message to your friends?

  • Just click on the blue symbol at the bottom right of the Postbox.
  • Now you'll see the list of your friends on RoadStars. Click again on the symbol next to the friend you'd like to write to.
  • Now you can write your message and send it.

You'd like to contact a RoadStar you are not yet friends with?

That's very easy with the Postbox.

  • You can search for other RoadStars in "My area".in the social network box and also send them a friend request directly with a personal message.
  • Click on "User search", search for a RoadStar and then click on the "Add friend" symbol next to their name. Then you can write and send them a personal message.
  • The RoadStar will then get this message in their Postbox and can then accept your friend request directly.
  • As soon as you are friends, you can send any other messages via the Postbox.
  • For every RoadStars activity that is displayed under "What's new?" on the RoadStars homepage, and also comments on articles, you also have the possibility of sending a friend request to this RoadStar.

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RoadStars fair-play rules.

It's great that you're a part of the RoadStars community! We love to hear about your truck stories and your feedback about our articles. Of course there are a few basic rules that every user needs to abide by.

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