Did you know …? – Social Login

Did you know …?

Social Login.

Use our new feature and your Facebook account to register with Roadstars quickly and easily. The advantages are obvious, for with your existing Facebook profile you can become a member of the RoadStars community even faster.

Move the mouse over the login panel and click on LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. You can now login with your Facebook access data, and you will be automatically registered as a new RoadStars user.

"In the process RoadStars automatically receives the necessary information about your public profile in your Facebook account (e.g. your profile photo and name), as well as your email address, which you therefore do not need to reenter."

You need neither an additional user name nor a password. Subsequent logins to RoadStars are carried out automatically with your Facebook account. To do this simply click on LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK again to log in.

Naturally you can edit your RoadStars profile at any time by clicking on your name at the top of the page and selecting EDIT PROFILE.

Please note that with this social login you are creating a completely new profile based on your Facebook account in RoadStars. If you are already registered with RoadStars, these data are not taken into your existing profile but stored in a new profile.