2018 Easter campaign

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Work hard, build a house! The latest episode from “The Plant”

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Sparks flying? No!

This is how the unique cabs of our trucks are made.

However refined technology might be, without a human to guide the machine it's helpless. That applies not only to truckers and their trucks, but also to the production of our high-end products. This will become clear in this week's episode of “The Plant”. Here, with the support of cutting-edge robot technology, the head of each Mercedes-Benz truck is created: the cab.

500 variants 1000 spot welds and no wasted energy.

What roof do you have over your head? Let us know.

Homework for next week: bring a ruler, because we're heading to the measurements area. And of course: happy trucking!

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Einfach eine gut gemachte, coole Serie, nur live bei einer Werksbesichtigung erleben ist noch einen Tick besser 👍😊
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blijft leuk om te kijken !!😊👍👍
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Der Ausschnitt hinterläßt ein breites Grinsen ... locker flockig... und eigentlich könnten die Einblicke noch länger und detaillierter sein ohne langweilig zu wirken...
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