Mercedes-Benz LK 311

Classic vehicle

Grandfather's legacy.

For a long time, an old photo was all that Georg Ebeling had to remind him of his granddad. Then he saw the LK 311 from 1958 – and snapped it up immediately.

The cab-behind-engine truck remained unchanged apart from the later addition of grandfather George's name.

When Georg Ebeling visited the workshop in Soltau, Lower Saxony, he could hardly believe his eyes: standing before him was a blue Mercedes-Benz LK 311 from 1958 – just like the one his grandfather once owned! The cab-behind-engine vehicle was one of five trucks with which he rebuilt the family business after World War II. A photo from 1968, showing the grandfather posing proudly in front of his fleet, bears witness to this time. For a long time, this image was the only reminder of the company's long history, which began in 1927 with a horse and cart for delivering milk.

"I'm proud of our company's tradition, which is also a piece of family history. That's why I had to have the truck,", says the company founder's grandson. The workshop had just restored the classic vehicle, so there wasn't much to do. Apart from adding the company lettering on the doors. That was back in 1993. The blue cab-behind-engine truck has been parked at the company's base in Wedemark, Hanover ever since.

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