The Arocs 2651 as a timber transporter

Vehicle & Technology

Robust in the forest.

The Arocs 2651 Euro VI with timber transport body.

Bad terrain and sophisticated bodies – timber transport demands everything of the truck. Precisely the specifications for which the new Arocs was created. Currently travelling cross-country around the Black Forest: an Arocs 2651 Euro VI with Doll short timber body in bolster design. Its chassis was specially developed for timber transport and was tested by Paul Hammann GmbH. With an output of 380 kW, the Hammann-Arocs is an extremely powerful forestry worker, which can tackle tough terrain even when fully laden. What happens to the 2.5-metre-long spruce and fir logs which the Arocs transports from the Black Forest? The sawmill in Achern makes them into Euro-pallets. And that's when they really start touring the world in the back of a truck.

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