How Michael Purwins finally got hold of his LPK 2232

Classic vehicle

A tipper and a looker.

Michael Purwins' job takes him to the skies. His passion, however, is very much on the road.

At some point in the early 1970s, Michael Purwins and his parents set out on holiday in the direction of Austria. The teenager curiously observed the trucks on the motorway and learned all the different models. Purwins knew them all. But there was one model which he had only ever heard of or read about in magazines: "The Mercedes-Benz LP 1632. The truck was so imposing. With its huge windscreen and the three windscreen wipers, it looked completely different to other vehicles familiar from that time." The truck is a true looker according to Purwins. "I set myself the aim of owning one myself some day."

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