Driving is a way of life: why trucks are cooler than an office


Pink Power.

Chrystelle Schafroth is living her dream. The 26-year-old drives an Actros drawbar combination. A man's job? "I love every single day!"

Unloading at a customer – "I enjoy the job – even when it gets demanding."

Only a few metres left of the filter lane. Chrystelle concentrates on the exterior mirror, looking for a gap. Time to join the motorway. Flashed on by a colleague behind her on the left. She merges into the lane. Chrystelle's Actros pulls onto the A1 motorway heading in the direction of Lausanne. Almost bumper-to-bumper, the traffic lumbers on. "It often gets busy here. And quite stressful," says Chrystelle. The turn signal stops clicking. In front of her, the first few rays of sunlight of the day fall onto Lake Geneva. She leans back, quite relaxed and enjoys the view. "You have to treat yourself to that every now and again," she says. "After all, we can't just switch on cruise control and drive for hours in one direction. There's always something to do," she says. "But that's the way I like it!"