The charm of the 70s: Burkhard Ziegler's NG1632

Classic vehicle

Meersdonk's heritage.

It had to be that one: Burkhard Ziegler bought his NG 1632 in the face of tough competition.

Burkhard Ziegler with his NG 1632 – he spent three years looking for a truck like this.

This sound is really unmistakable: the ten-cylinder engine is the heart of the NG 1632. It is a rough, robust worker. The cab-over-engine truck is a good looker too: the wheel rims and chassis are in shiny ox-blood red; the cab and panels are gentian blue. Burkhard Ziegler's truck was first licensed in 1975. Now whenever he drives his classic vehicle, he brings the 1970s to life. Yet his truck almost ended up spending its third lease of life in the deserts of the Middle East.

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