Joris De Mey takes his Arocs SLT on its maiden voyage

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Of Giants and Windmills.

Transporting components of wind power plants is precision work. When Joris De Mey drove his Arocs SLT on its maiden trip in the port of Antwerp Mercedes-Benz ROUTE was there.

It's almost 9 p.m. and on this Friday evening the Antwerp Linkeroeverhaven looks abandoned, compared with the vibrant workdays. In other words, perfect conditions for the maiden voyage of Aertssen Transport's Arocs 4163 LS 8x4 SLT. At the wheel sits 61-year-old Joris De Mey, an expert in special transports versed in all the tricks of the trade. Everything that is long, wide and heavy is right up the alley of this specialist driver, for whom the picturesque port town of Lillo is his home.

"We are using two trucks today. I am driving the new Arocs SLT and my colleague is at the wheel of an Actros SLT of the previous generation. In addition, we are accompanied by four support vehicles", says Joris while he checks once again whether the wind power plant element he loaded in the afternoon is still correctly secured. Because when it comes to special transports every little detail counts.

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