My safety: modern driver assistance systems

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On the safe side.

40 tonnes plus in long-distance haulage – Mike Schmies is pleased with the support provided by the assistance systems on his Actros 2548, including Active Brake Assist 3. It achieves more than required by the EU.

Mike's working environment is long-distance haulage – always with a heavy load. Which is why I.D.M.C. only uses the safest lorries.

Best view, sparse traffic – Mike Schmies can use main beam. The A30 motorway ahead of him is almost deserted in the early dawn light. This early in the morning, most people's alarm clocks haven't even gone off yet. “These are our times, I'm well used to it by now. I even actually always look forward to the really early trips”, he says and laughs. “I am wide awake!”

Tiredness and lack of concentration are out of the question for the 48-year-old. His loads bring the vehicle/trailer combination up to the 40 tonne limit - and over, as the I.D.M.C. freight forwarding company that he drives for specializes in transporting construction elements. An accident could have disastrous consequences, especially on the motorway. This must be avoided: “Ever since safety and assistance systems have been available in Mercedes-Benz lorries, we have had our vehicles equipped with them”, says Markus Schwarz, general manager of I.D.M.C. in Wallenhorst.

The I.D.M.C. fleet consists of 48 towing units, the lorries are all by Mercedes-Benz. “For us, investing in safety is also a question of responsibility. Not just towards our drivers and other road users, but also towards our customers, to whom we guarantee punctuality, safety and reliability”, explains Schwarz.

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