Eric De Loor and Wim Nijs: on the road with the Arocs equipped for loads of up to 250 tonnes


The tough guys.

Eric De Loor and Wim Nijs are experts in special transport operations at Van Egdom-Mariën. Both of them now drive an Arocs 4163 up to 250 tonnes.

238 tonnes and a total length of 78 metres – the transport of these concrete pillars is a real challenge.

At the moment, Eric De Loor is relaxed. That said, he is completely focused on the preparations for a very special transport task in which concrete pillars are to be moved from Lier to Mechelen. “Today, we are solely concentrating on getting the load ready, but in the coming week, we will be carrying out four journeys during the night hours,” explains Eric, who will be accompanied by his colleague Wim Nijs. Both of them work for Van Egdom-Mariën from Heist-op-den-Berg and the pair have been driving two of the company’s three recently ordered Arocs up to 250 tonnes vehicles for a week now.

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