Necmettin Tivsiz and his Actros RoadStars Limited Edition


Pure joy.

Around twelve years ago, long-distance trucker Necmettin Tivsiz from the Japal Trans BV haulage firm had recently obtained his driving licence. Today, he drives an Actros RoadStars Limited Edition LZV 1963.

Necmettin "Nec" Tivsiz says he would even work for free for Japal Trans BV. The fact that he drives the amazing Actros RoadStars Limited Edition makes it all the more believable.

"I love going to work each day!" Only very few people can actually say that honestly – Necmettin Tivsiz (46), or Nec to his friends, comes from Maassluis in The Netherlands and is one of those lucky few. He's been driving for the Japal Trans BV haulage firm from Honselersdijk for just over twelve years now. The company is a specialist when it comes to transporting plants and flowers. According to Nec, they're a great employer to work for: "Even if I didn't need to work for a living, I'd still drive for Japal Trans – for free!" he says light-heartedly.

After 20 years of working in landscaping, he took his HGV driving licence in 2003. Nec was able to start immediately at Japal Trans and has driven most brands imaginable since being there: from MAN to DAF and right up to the Actros 1841. It's been a few months now that he's the designated driver of the new Actros RoadStars Limited Edition LZV 1963. He shares the truck with 29-year-old Marien Voskamp who comes from the town of 's-Gravenzande and drives the truck in the evenings. "We transport plants, flowers and everything else which that entails. At night, the orders are collected from the nurseries. We pick up the products there and bring them to the wholesale market, from where the customers pick them up," explains Necmettin.

Cut roses are a delicate product to transport and need to get to the customer fast.

To ensure the plants and flowers remain as attractive and fresh as possible, the freight on board the 25.25-meter-long vehicle combination is sometimes cooled or in some cases heated. Japal Trans has four long trucks in operation day and night in order to ensure punctual delivery of the goods. The RoadStars Limited Edition is the latest vehicle to join the fleet. In Necmettin's words: it is a "strong" truck in every sense of the word. "A class vehicle that accelerates really well. When I'm loaded, I can't do that, of course, but when I'm driving empty, I occasionally step on the gas a little more liberally."

The truck is a real looker and Nec is fully aware of that. That's why his 15-year-old son regularly takes pictures of the truck when he sees his father on the road. "Then he sends me the picture with a message like: 'Hey, I've just seen you drive past me again!' The vehicle really is something quite special and my colleagues just love it! They can tell you everything about the truck and they regularly come to check out the inside of the cab." In secret, Necmettin would happily have handed the RoadStars Limited Edition on to one of his other colleagues who understands more about it. "It's not really my place; I'm more of a laid-back type of guy," says Nec with a laugh.

Photos: MCR

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