Predictive Powertrain Control: now even more efficient

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Now even more predictive.

The functionality of Predictive Powertrain Control is now significantly more efficient. The intelligent cruise control and transmission control can now also be used for cross-country routes thanks to more extensive map material.

The efficiency of the heavy Mercedes-Benz trucks is constantly being improved. The new Actros, for example, consumes as much as three percent less fuel than its predecessor on motorways and dual carriageways, and even five percent less on cross-country routes.

One of the main reasons for the efficiency of the new Mercedes-Benz flagship is the optimisation of Predictive Powertrain Control, the vehicle's cruise control and transmission control.

The reduction in the Actros truck's fuel consumption is achieved, in particular, on cross-country routes thanks to the expanded functionality of Predictive Powertrain Control.

In addition to the satellite-supported tracking system, the new Predictive Powertrain Control now uses more extensive digital road maps that are more precise and contain data concerning topography, the course of bends, the geometric layout of junctions and roundabouts as well as traffic signs.

The system not only optimises the driving style in downhill or uphill gradients, but also on winding cross-country routes, for which the use of cruise control was previously not advisable.

Furthermore, the interplay between the Predictive Powertrain Control and Proximity Control Assist improves fuel efficiency: the Proximity Control Assist provides information on vehicles ahead, so that the intelligent cruise control can ideally plan the shift operations and the speed progress and make best possible use of the momentum of the vehicle.

Also new: the improved Predictive Powertrain Control is also available for heavy haulage of up to 120 tonnes, all-wheel-drive vehicles and vehicles with Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive or turbo retarder clutch.

Standard for Actros and Arocs.

In a nutshell: the use of Predictive Powertrain Control always has the goal of avoiding unnecessary braking, acceleration or gear shifting, moving the lorry as fuel-efficiently as possible and optimally supporting drivers in their task.

The new Predictive Powertrain Control which is available in the new Actros and Arocs as standard has been sustainably improved in all of these areas.

You can find out about all the new features in Predictive Powertrain Control in the following film!

The new Actros manages to consume up to 5% less fuel on cross-country routes thanks amongst other things to the new functions of Predictive Powertrain Control.

Photo: Matthias Aletsee
Graphics: Volker Römer