Actros Volumer – clear loading height of 3 metres

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Actros Volumer.

A clear loading height of three metres: the Actros Volumer and the Antos Volumer are the optimised solution for high-volume haulage and available as tractor units and rigids.

The Volumer is available as an Actros or Antos, a rigid or tractor unit. In combination with 315/45 tyres the 4x2 Volumer tractor unit with air suspension is available with a coupling height of less than 900 millimetres and therefore enables a clear loading height of three metres. This is crucial for many sectors as three standard-size stillages can be stacked on top of one another. A decisive advantage for long-distance high-volume haulage: despite the space-intensive Euro VI emission technology the fuel tank volume of the Volumer tractor unit has been increased to up to 990 litres, which is a good ten per cent more than its predecessor. In the case of low-frame rigids, a tank volume of up to 1 000 litres is now available.

Every centimetre counts. Georg Reischl, seen here in his company yard in Ebersberg near Munich, operates six Volumers on road feeder services. Behind Reischl on the right: an AMX container 2.99 metres high.

Three questions for Actros Volumer customer Georg Reischl.

Why did you choose the Actros Volumer?

Reischl: In the airfreight business a certain type of container is currently becoming more and more popular: the AMX container. At 2.99 metres tall, this prevents transport by conventional trucks within the 4 metre height limit. The Actros Volumer solves this problem, offering a clear loading height of three metres for both drawbar and tractor unit versions, whilst remaining legally compliant.

Does the airfreight business really need such huge containers?

Reischl: Operating aircraft is expensive. In this segment too, efficiency has top priority. The containers, for example, are ideal to transport parcels that need to be delivered worldwide by global express services. The individual consignments are well stowed and are not so easily damaged. The AMX was specially designed for the Boeing 777, which is becoming increasingly popular. The cargo volume of this aircraft is ideally utilised by the AMX containers.

So it was the growing popularity of Boeing 777 freighter aircraft that left you facing the task of seeking new solutions for your vehicle fleet using low-frame vehicles?

Reischl: Correct. At the moment this aircraft is the most modern and most efficient freighter in the market. Lufthansa has just integrated the first 777s into its freighter fleet. They have only two engines, which saves kerosene. Nevertheless they have a payload of just under 104 tonnes and a non-stop operating range of over 9 000 kilometres. But airfreight requires onward transportation on the road, and that’s where we step in with our Actros Volumer to offer an efficient solution.

Clear loading height of three metres. Important for parts logistics operators: as a tractor unit, the Volumer can also transport three one-metre-high stillages stacked on top of one another.

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