How to save with the MercedesServiceCard


Smarter and faster.

In order to optimise fuel cost management and reduce repair time Steffen Heuschkel uses the MercedesServiceCard.*

„Our 42 trucks clock up more than nine million kilometres per year. So every penny we can save on fuel counts. On top of that, we often deliver food to wholesalers who have very narrow time frames. That’s why we simply cannot afford delays. We therefore decided to use the MercedesServiceCard. All of our trucks have them. The system UTA Fahr & Spar Pro gives us a very good overview of the truck’s entire costs. In combination with FleetBoard, we can analyse our drivers’ fuelling habits and identify potential savings. What’s more, it is our ‘licence for immediate repair’. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Germany or in neighbouring countries – in an emergency, the MercedesServiceCard gives us the certainty that our vehicles will be back in operation within a very short space of time. This prevents unnecessary downtime. Ultimately, it’s thanks to the MercedesServiceCard that our trucks stay on the road longer and our fuel costs are reduced. This saves us a whole lot of money.”

Steffen Heuschkel, owner of TUH GmbH



* MercedesServiceCard is not applicable to the UK market

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