Stowage Concept

Practically oriented equipment and appointments.

The cabs for the Arocs meet virtually all the requirements placed upon them in construction transport. Amongst the factors which illustrate this are the practically oriented details such as the compressed-air gun and the individually extendable stowage concept.

By way of example, all the stowage facilities in the cockpit are set out in an ergonomic way, particularly well designed to accommodate all the items to be stored and within ideal reach of the driver’s workstation. This also applies to the cup and bottle holder, the large stowage space on the instrument support and the compartments in the centre module. In the case of cabs with a level floor two drawers provide more stowage space here. Additional stowage space is offered in the ClassicSpace M-cab, for instance, by the stowage box behind the seats, of which the one on the driver’s side is also accessible from outside. Even more stowage facilities suitable for different operating profiles and room for everything that has to come on board with you – all this is to be found in the ClassicSpace, StreamSpace and BigSpace L-cabs – for example with the exterior stowage compartments accessible from inside and the large stowage compartments above the windscreen.

For additional comfort a variety of further practical items of equipment and appointments is optionally available, for example, a refrigerator with a capacity of 25 l; or the centre seat for a second co-driver. Also available on request are a folding table integrated in the instrument support, a luggage net for the rear panel of the cab plus a CD box for up to 6 CDs.

High stowage compartment on the engine tunnel.

Available on request for cabs with an engine tunnel, the high stowage box makes it easy to keep everything neat and tidy – it includes an integral refuse container and can be closed with a lid. Alternatively the high stowage compartment can also be configured as a coolbox with a capacity of approximately 15 l.

Stowage compartment in the doors.

For all those items that must always be ready to hand – the practical, open stowage compartments in the doors also have space for 1.5 l bottles. So a drink is always stored within safe and easy reach and remains fresh for longer, as it is protected against direct sunshine.

Folding table.

Available on request, the folding table integrated in the instrument support on the co-driver’s side simply makes catching up on paperwork or taking a break for a sandwich that bit more pleasant. It has a robust, easy-to-clean surface and can be folded out and back in again in next to no time.

Compressed-air gun.

Standard-fit on concrete mixers, dump trucks and all-wheel drive vehicles, the compressed-air gun has a spiral hose and comes in handy when cleaning the cab.

Living comfort in the BigSpace L-cab.

The 2500 mm wide BigSpace L-cab for on-road applications involving frequent overnight stays has a comfort bed measuring 2200 mm in length and 750 mm in width. The stowage compartments beneath it are accessible from both inside and outside and offer plenty of room even for bulky items. As an option two sliding and removable stowage trays are available for better use of the space. A refrigerator can also be integrated into one of the spacious drawers between them as an option – for a supply of chilled food and drinks bottles, which can be transported upright.

ClassicSpace M-cab equipment.

In the ClassicSpace M-cab two stowage compartments which have lids and are located behind the seats offer plenty of room for everything you should have with you on the construction site. Of particular benefit: the stowage compartment on the driver’s side is also accessible from outside. What’s more, the stowage compartments on the right- and left-hand sidewall, for example, offer further stowage space. And the standard-fit clothes rail on the rear panel of the cab provides jackets and raincoats with a place of their own. As an option a centre seat can be installed on the engine tunnel for a second co-driver or for practical stowage compartments.

Please note that the images and information shown here have an editorial status of June 2013. The images shown are only examples and do not necessarily reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealership.