Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined.

The Arocs. A truck that lives up to the only standard that can be set – even in difficult conditions: real life.

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Load-carrying capacity of frame, suspension

The Arocs has many strengths. Giving in is not one of them.

Loadability and robustness are part of the standard equipment for the Arocs. In the case of the design. In the case of the material. And in the case of the frame, chassis and suspension.

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Drive System Loadability

Strong links, strong chain.

From the engine to the axles – all the drive components in the Arocs are developed for top performance. And that goes for the loadability, too.

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Ground Clearance

Better by a distance.

Ground clearance is a highly sought-after commodity on the construction site – the Arocs leads the way by example here.

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