The new Antos


The new Antos was specifically developed for heavy-duty distribution. The result is a truck which takes to the road boasting efficient, forward-looking technology and outstanding ease of body mounting. In addition, there are services which have been especially adapted and closely coordinated to suit the Antos.


For more efficiency. Today and tomorrow.

In an effort to further improve efficiency in heavy-duty distribution, during development of the Antos our engineers and designers explored all the potential for increasing the truck’s viability for the future and reducing your costs substantially.

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Fuel consumption

Saves diesel and reduces emissions.

The new Antos brings with it a harmonious all-round concept that exploits every possibility for reducing fuel consumption. From front end to tail end, in every detail.

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Good body-mounting

The perfect platform for building on.

With the Antos a seamless process is designed to make body mounting straightforward and keep costs low – so that your vehicle is ready to enter service quickly and cost effectively.

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Profitable end-to-end solution

Every truck incurs costs. Ours provides savings.

A complete solution for greater efficiency: with the new Antos, you have the opportunity to exert a positive influence on key cost factors, thereby achieving further significant gains in your heavy-duty distribution operations. Through innovative vehicle technology. And with perfectly coordinated services which help you to exploit the tremendous economic potential of the Antos even better. In short: every truck costs money - the Antos saves it.

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Please note that the images and information shown here have an editorial status of June 2013. The images shown are only examples and do not necessarily reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealership.