Vehicle management, logistics management and time management – all from a single source.

With FleetBoard on board, the new Antos boasts the ideal ingredients for making your operations even more profitable. FleetBoard Vehicle Management reduces fuel costs and wear and tear, thus increasing vehicle availability.

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Mercedes-Benz After sales

Setting standards – in service and servicing too.

More flexible, more efficient, more favourably priced. It’s not just the fact that the operating life of many components has been extended – the cab, for example, through full galvanisation – that results in fewer costs for you: it’s also down to the design of the new Antos, which attaches particular importance to ease of repair and maintenance.

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Mercedes-Benz CharterWay

The perfect financing arrangement for every business.

Perhaps a lease would be the most suitable solution for you: if you want the use of high quality vehicles for your business, but you don’t want to spend too much of your capital in acquiring them, an Operating Lease or Finance Lease might be what you’re looking for.

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Further services

So that you reach your targets even more easily.

If you come to Wörth to pick up your new truck, you can participate in a driver information seminar to maximise the potential of your new vehicle.

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Genuine accessories

If you wish, you can really make your new Antos one of a kind.

For inside and for out, and for yet greater individuality. Mercedes-Benz genuine accessories allow you to further hone your truck’s ease of use, efficiency and looks, and make sure that your Antos cuts a particularly striking figure out on the road. 

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Please note that the images and information shown here have an editorial status of June 2013. The images shown are only examples and do not necessarily reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealership.