Truck Generations – May

Truck Generations

Germany, Berlin, Sachsendamm Shell filling station.

There’s something going on here 24/7: at the Sachsendamm Shell filling station in Berlin. It is not far from the Schöneberg motorway interchange where the A100 and A103 motorways meet.

Really, it is a filling station like many thousands of others in Germany, but with one difference: here, you can refuel with hydrogen. In 2011, mineral oil company Shell opened the pilot station for the alternative fuel in Berlin-Schöneberg. The pump nozzle is just as easy to operate as those for petrol and diesel. It takes around four minutes and the vehicle is refuelled with gaseous hydrogen, problem-free.

A “millipede” brings supplies so that the filling station doesn’t run dry. The tanker truck with an LP 333 tractor unit is a real eye-catcher. The model series, the first truck with two steering front axles, marks a highlight of engineering ingenuity.


Grand old macine...I like
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Deleted user
Met een oldtimertruck, LP 333, op weg naar de toekomst. Hoe kan het toch bestaan?
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Ja , das waren noch Zeiten . Ich habe den 333 und 334 als Hängerzug und Sattelzug gefahren . Die hatten schöne Führerhäuser , aber keine gute Heizung . Aber es hat großen Spaß gemacht da mit zu fahren .
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