Truck Generations – October

Truck Generations

Turkey, Istanbul, Sirkeci railway station.

Above all, the Istanbul Sirkeci station achieved worldwide fame as the final station on the Orient Express line. Building began on 11 February 1888.

The terminal station, originally called the Müşir-Ahmet-Paşa-Station, was opened on 3 November 1890 to replace the temporary station built in 1873. The project's architect was August Jasmund, a Prussian government building officer who was sent by the government to Istanbul in order to study Ottoman architecture. The building belonging to the station complex is one of the largest examples of European Orientalism. Then, the building was considered to be extremely modern, due to its gas lighting and winter heating. For the most part, it is still in its original state.

Whether it's for the on-board restaurant or the station café: the NG 1632 is at work here delivering fresh produce. This model series was the first to roll off the production line in 1986 from the Mercedes-Benz plant in the Turkish town of Aksaray. In Germany, the model became famous particularly thanks to the TV series "Auf Achse" (on the move).


Jeden Monat freue ich mich auf ein neues Kalenderblatt und die Geschichten zu dem jeweiligen Truck. Ganz toll gemacht der Kalender 2017 " Truck Generations "
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geht mir genau so kann es garnicht abwarten bis der Monat rum ist kein wunder das das Jahr so schnell vergeht ;)
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