The blue steering wheel


All you need to know!

Have you already noticed the blue truck steering wheel on some profiles? There are some things money can't buy. One of them is enthusiasm. Not to mention the numerous specials from which bearers of the blue steering wheel can benefit.

We wish to interact more actively with you and offer you exclusive access to our driving events and special offers.

Every RoadStars member with a valid truck driver's licence can take part.

How truck drivers can get the blue steering wheel? We explain it here.

What are the benefits?


  • Invitations to Driving Experiences
  • Exclusive product presentations
  • Participation in special events
  • Participation in product surveys
  • Networking with other truck drivers

Participate as a new RoadStars member.

Not currently part of the active RoadStars community? Log in using your Facebook account and add your truck driver's licence as described in the next step.

Or would you like to create your own RoadStars profile? Then use our registration feature which has been expanded by a number of additional fields. Please enter your driver's licence number there as well as your name as it appears on your driver's licence. These fields serve merely to confirm your driver's licence. The data will be handled as strictly confidential and will not be visible to other RoadStars members.

Register right here, right now.

Participate as an existing RoadStars member.

Already a member and would like to receive the blue steering wheel?

Then simply log in and edit your profile. There, you will find a new tab entitled "Personal details". In this tab, you can enter your truck driver's licence and your name as it appears on your driver's licence.

Edit your profile here.

Identifying feature – the blue steering wheel.

Would you like to meet other truck drivers? Then use the blue steering wheel as an identifying feature and send other drivers a friends request.

You can easily recognise other truck drivers on RoadStars by the blue steering wheel next to their display name.

It is used in all places where the display name of the user is used. Examples include:

  • In the RoadStars user profile
  • Wall posts
  • Comments on articles or wall posts


Hey guys haven’t seemed to if received my tickets for truck Grand Prix weekend.
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Hallo Shaban, please contact our support team via mail. They'll be able to look into your matter 😊
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Can you join as I had an accident ex company owner and still enjoying trucks but due to medication unable to have linces but would enjoy the benefits
Translate text
Hallo Kevin, thank you for your request. We will get back to you shortly. Until then, keep enjoying our community 😄
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hi everyone I'm new on here
Translate text
Hi Darran,
Welcome to RoadStars! We wish you a great time here! 😊 If you are curious, about recent, exciting content, we can recommend you our series "Das Werk"
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What is the blue sticker about? I haven’t received one.
Translate text
Hi David,
it's rather a badge that you can sew on your jacket, for example. When did you register? It can take up to 6-8 weeks until the badge is processed and shipped.
Translate text
hi roadstars team does everybody get a roadstars badge ?? or if you are only a driver
Translate text
Hi James,
The RoadStars badge is exclusive for drivers. If you have a truck driver's licence you are welcome to register as a driver with your licence number. You can simply do that by editing your user profile.
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When I registered we were supposed to receive a roadstars badge . How long does it take to arrive?
Translate text
Hallo Denis,
when did you register? If you let us know, we can check when your badge will arrive or if anything is missing to send it in the first place.
Translate text
Hi there,
According to my emails it was 15th February 2018.
Translate text
Hi Denis,
we checked and the badge should have arrived by now. Could you send an email with your full adress to so we can double-check that the adress was correct?
Translate text
new here just trying to see what its all about..
Translate text
Hi Ian,
welcome to RoadStars! If you are curious, we can recommend you our new series "Das Werk"
Translate text
It's been 11 weeks ... the "blue steering wheel" is not there. 🤦♂️Apparently Luxembourg's "cursed" place🙈👹😇
Translate text
Hey Dmitry, what a pity! Your badge is on its way to your address in Luxembourg and should arrive within the next 10 to 14 days the latest. If not please send us a quick note via RoadStars support so we can check any alternatives!
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Many thanks for your reply! 👍
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Hi Road Stars.

I currently drive a 630 giga space. It’s a fantastic truck in every way. How ever I find my cabin cold on the harsh winter nights if I leave the night heater of. Is there a “winter pack” cabin available for such countries as Scandinavia? Also will there be a return to the V8 platform at any stage.

Kind regards

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Does anyone know why the built in sat Nav says my unit is still in the factory when I’m sitting in a lay by in Wellington Somerset ??
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Hello. Can someone please tell me where is this sensor located on the Actros MP4 1845? "Nox Sensor downstream of exhaust aftertreatment"
I thought it's the sensor tied to the box with the white cable, but when I disconnect that one, it gives me " nox sensor upstream of catalytic converter".
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Hallo Adi CH,
could you please send your question via email to ? We would like to answer you in more detail.
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Hallo Adi CH,
Thank you for your question! We have forwarded it to the technical experts and will let you know as soon as they get back to us.
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Hello I’m new on here
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Hallo Chris,
Welcome to RoadStars! We wish you a good time and always a good ride!
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Hello, RoadStars Team!
Can I make an offer?))))
I think it would be interesting to make a page for each RoadStars member with his car, where he can talk about his operation. I think that many of us would be interested in the experience of other members of our community, comments, exchange of experience, advice)))).
Translate text
Hallo Dmitry,
Thank you for your idea.
In your profile you can create a photo album to share with your friends and give a short description of your work.
We are always developing new ideas for RoadStars and at some point, we might develop the functions further into that direction.
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ok think to enregistred me.
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