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RoadStar truck drivers.

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Together with you, we want to keep on strengthening your love of trucks and our range of offers.

In future, all those who have a valid truck driver's licence and who enter the licence number and their address into their profile will be given access to exclusive offers and invitations to special events only for drivers.

Examples of possible campaigns are opportunities to participate in vehicle tests, product surveys, invitations to Mercedes-Benz professional driver training or special truck driver events at which you can meet other "RoadStars Drivers" and enjoy an exciting experience.

Are you a truck driver and would like to profit from bonus offers? Then grab your blue steering wheel now! Simply enter your truck driver's licence number and your postal address in the corresponding field below.

Information on data use can be found directly in the Terms of Use.

The driver's licence number serves only to verify the truck drivers registered on the RoadStars platform who then receive their new status with the blue steering wheel. Campaigns will be announced on the website as soon as you log in. You will receive invitations to events and the relevant detailed information by e-mail. We will use your address to send you the "thank-you package" by post to your home address following a campaign or event, for example. The data will not be shown to other RoadStars users.

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