TruckTrophy2015 – Looking back


Trucks, Adventure, Friends.

Courage, perseverance, strength, skill, knowledge and a great amount of team spirit – the ten participants in the 2015 TruckTrophy in Romania experienced wonderful competitions in a stunning country.

Find out about the adventures from these 3 memorable days.

More horse-drawn vehicles than motor cars, dirt roads, mountain passes at up to 2000 metres, ice-cold lakes and breath-taking scenery. The impressions the ten drivers of the TruckTrophy2015 took home with them will not be forgotten so fast. For three days they strove for the first place in exciting contests – and all the time they were more a team than a group of opponents. As in the driver competition in Turkey in 2008, there was a lot more to it than a mere struggle to get on the winners' podium. Participants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany travelled to the Carpathian mountains, worked in close cooperation and became friends.