Trucking Milestones: 1977 – “Hit the road” with the NG 2632/6x4

Serie: Trucking Milestones

The desert driver.

Ian McGarry is driving for the haulier Damco-van Swieten in Saudi-Arabia in the 1970s. Faithful companion: his Mercedes-Benz three-axle truck with V10 cylinder.

Damco-van Swieten is one of the largest transport companies in the Netherlands in the 1970s. The haulier has a total of 120 trucks on the road across the world in 1977.

Main area: Saudi Arabia. The company delivers freight via roll-on/roll-off ship to Jeddah, the largest port city in the country. From there, the contains are taken through the desert by truck.

Ian McGarry from Britain is one of the drivers who covers over 80.000 kilometres per year here. And he is a huge fan of his colourful companion: the NG 2632/6x4. The new generation is now vital for him, particularly in the dusty landscape.

Thanks to its rain strips and air nozzles, the cabin in this model is considerably less prone to the windscreen getting dirtying than the previous one.

The driver’s cab with two damping struts also makes driving over unpaved roads a pleasant experience for Ian McGarry.

He has been driving through Saudi Arabia for Damco for one and a half years. “You feel a bit like a sailor in this job,” he says.

“What I love about it is always going to different places. And the pay is good. If I keep driving for a while longer, I'll have enough money to buy a nice sheep farm in New Zealand.”

However, he would then have to part with his faithful companion. And with this, Ian McGarry puts the idea to the back of his mind for the time being.

Photos: Daimler AG